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Galactic Republic
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Welcome to the Spire!

The Spire is a casual guild focused in helping each other and having fun!
We are one of the most dominant forces on Nightmare Lands server,counting more than 50 active members.
We focus on both PVP and PVE, doing frequent operations.

A friendly person with good attitude is a perfect member!
It is more appreciated to be a low lvl player who helps his guildies than have the strongest 
characters in the game!

May the Force be with you!
Guild News

We wont stop

apoc633, Sep 6, 12 9:30 PM.
After some consideration I decided that the Spire will NOT disband! We will keep playing!
I realised some ppl love being a member of this guild no matter what! And they will be! The Spire will go on

It has come to this.....

apoc633, Aug 29, 12 10:23 AM.
Well after some good effort to find a guild to merge I had no it seems that if we dont find something by the end of the week....i will have to disband the guild....we are barely online and are 5 ppl online at best

The Spire is dominating!

apoc633, May 28, 12 1:41 PM.
Do we rock or not? Come on! I believe that within june we will have done denova! Nothing can stand on our way!


drarreg, Apr 24, 12 6:35 PM.
With Operation bosses dropping like flies for us, it's just a few FPs here and there to shape up our overall gear, and I think we will be ready for a serious shot at EV Hardmode. Keep up the good work!


apoc633, Mar 9, 12 5:22 PM.
We DID it!
We made it past the first boss on our first try! Amazing job by everyone who took part and an extra cheer for Dedeew!!!!
He pulled this off when we thought it was over!
Let's get ready for the next part now!
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